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Homeopathy for men:

Homeopathy works wonders for men suffering from different diseases like stress, psychological disorders and anxiety. Apart from this there is a list of ailments that have complete cure under the banner of homeopathy especially for men. Being the best homeopathy clinic in Lucknow, Dr. Anupama Singh provides the best treatment across the city for all the ailments.  

Homeopathy for women:

There are numerous issues among women from small to acute that is curable from root with homeopathy without any side effect or aftermath consequence. Be it hairfall, monthly cycle issue, aches or anything, homeopathy stand alone to treat without any side effects. Dr. Anupama Singh is the best homeopathic doctor in Lucknow who resolves all types of women related issues in short span of time. 

Homeopathy for elderly:

There are many diseases from among elderly that needs life long treatment, but having high power medicines for a long period may leave its side effect on their body. Commonly found problems among old age people like Arthritis, diabetes and many other have cure in homeopathy and that too without any side effect. Sandhya homeopathy clinic owned by Dr. Anupama Singh is the best homeopathy clinic in Lucknow so far to ease pain and give relief from every disease. 

Homeopathy for toddlers:

Giving solid and hard medicines to toddlers from their very initial days is something of much concern. Being an easy way to get the medicine inside kids stomach, homeopathy has a list of diseases that successfully cured kids without creating mess. Nausea being of much concern among parents, homeopathy relieves tiny tots easily with hush. Dr. Anupama is the best homeopathic doctor in Lucknow that proficiently deal with all types of issues related to toddlers in effective way. 
You don’t have to suffer anymore, there is hope for you.
dr anupama singh

Dr. Anupama Singh

Dr. Anupama Singh is Lucknow based experienced homeopathic doctor with an experience of over 10 years. Understanding this branch of Science well, Dr. Anupama is a proficient doctor who keely observes the issues of her patients and heal it properly. Dr. Anupama offers best homeopathy treatment across the city to all her patients satisfying their need.



For joint pain and arthritis sometimes one uses steroid drugs as they play a vital role in the therapy, especially when it comes to immediate relief, Drugs are administered orally or by injecting in soft tissue but by majority we homeopathy doctors believe in our REMEDIES.

Steroid and COVID 19
Taking steroids for joint pain always has the upper hand, But one must be aware if they are having severe respiratory symptoms especially the ones who require respiratory support, these patients must go for a complete medical check-up along with taking consultation from their pulmonologist.

If you have a respiratory condition and if you’re receiving any other treatment via steroid then your risk for COVID-19 is higher as they may suppress your immune system and dampen your healthy joints, however, there are always alternate measures for every patient with a different treatment perspective.

Do all doctors prescribe steroids for joint pain?
No definitely not, only if you have severe joint pain or when you develop aggressive swelling around your joint then your doctor may inject or prescribe you steroid, but only if there is no other option left.

Should I withdraw immediately?
Definitely not advisable as it may show immediate withdrawal symptoms, if you are taking steroids for a long time, you may need to consult your doctor as he/she may reduce your dose or prescribe some alternatives

Joint pain post Covid 19?
As we all know after recovering from Covid 19, The drug’s which were used during the treatment has a severe side effect, which in fact suppresses our body and are very vulnerable for the immune system, hence strict guidelines should be followed for people taking drugs for joint pain and by regularly monitoring their physical conditions with proper consultation from there family doctor “especially by staying positive and taking care”

Try to work from home while you can
Keeping distance from critically ill patients
Follow the government norms and guidelines given to you



“As homeopathy is known for treating the disease to its source, Dr. Anupama works on to turn vulnerable disease to particular diseases in the shortest possible duration.”

How Homeopathy works:

Homeopathic medicines are recognized across the world for its positive results and curing the disease from its root.

Many people doubt that how sweet candy like stuff cure a disease but truly it’s a magic of years old science.

Still have a doubt on how it works-

* Homeopathic treatment stimulates crucial energy needed for body to regain normalcy which speed up recuperation.
* It helps the body to return to it’s natural health state.
* Homeopaths opt out the medicines that matches the symptoms inside the body and result in most efficient way.
* Stress plays a key role in boosting the disease. Homeopathy soothes the disease without any side effects.
* Homeopathic medicines are being made from animals, plants and mineral extracts and maintain the essence of curing disease from its root.
* The more medicines in diluted form the more it work efficiently.
* Whatever the disease sustains inside the body, homeopathic focus on complete cure binding all accounts of physical, mental and emotional health.

“I was suffering from Chronic sinusitis from 2019. I underwent numerous medical procedures but the problem remained at its place. As I am a native of Sitapur so it was not that easy for me to commute to city frequently for doctor's visits and check ups. As by assist of one of my family member I checked in Dr. Anupama homeopathy clinic and the results amazed me. Now she completely vanished my severe problem of sinusitis and I'm now on a much relieved note. All thanks to Dr. Anupama best homeopathy clinic in Lucknow. She is the best homeopathic doctor in Lucknow."

– Abhishek Yadav

“I was suffering from extreme hairfall from past many years. In the mean time I tried every possible thing found around to treat it. I followed every pugmark that people near me show for cure. From home remedies to expensive oils and shampoos but nothing worked on me. At last with the insist of one of my friend in step inside the homeopathic clinic of Dr. Anupama. To the extent of my surprise I started noticing positive results within a week. With the regain of my hairs I regain my confidence. All thanks goes to Dr. Anupama, she is the best homeopathic doctor in Lucknow."

– Anirudh Saxena

“Initially it was hard to believe that sweet medicines can cure year old problems but yes it had miracle inside them. I was fed up with the warts on my face. They looked terrible. Many a times I feel terrible to go out or hang out with friends and family with such odd dumps on my face. One day I noticed the best homeopathy clinic in Lucknow owned by Dr. Anupama near to my coaching and step inside the Clinic. Within few months I regain my clear face without any wart or blemish skin. Hats off to the doctor for her treatment. She did it really well."

– Shivani Agnihotri

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